Build a Paid Membership Site with Magic and Stripe

Learn how to build a PAID membership site with Magic and Stripe! :tada:

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Hi there :raising_hand_woman:t2:. Got any questions? Feel free to share them over here!

Hi! Awesome code and tutorial! I got it all running up locally just fine! I was wondering how could I change the productID for the price. I am trying to charge a 1.00$ per month fee. :blush:

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Closing this comment as the answer is in the server.js file!

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Hi there! Haha, okay sounds good. I’m here if ever you run into any other questions!

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Hi, quick questions. How do I create it to be a recurring monthly payment? I see I can change the amount is it possible to do that? :slight_smile:

Hey there Wally!

We’ll need to update some of the Magic x Stripe code / sign up flow to use Stripe’s Subscriptions API. We’ll need to create a subscription and then check to see whether or not the customer has an active subscription status.

When do you need to implement this feature by? I can whip up an example for you by the end of next week. Lmk if you can wait!

But if you’re in a hurry, here are some helpful resources:

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There is no rush! I want to use this code for a simple website idea and it would be a nice feature :slight_smile: and with MagicLink it would make Auth much easier to keep track of users without a heavy DB. I will check out the documents too, but if you would like I would definitely like to see the code for such.

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Sounds good! I’ll drop the update here once it’s ready. Feel free to keep me updated on what you find too.

Enjoy your Monday :tada: