How can I use Magic.Link in a Angular App

I have a small angular app that needs to be secured.

The App communicates with an API (.netCore Web Api) which I also developped.

I created my own JWT authentication classes and use Token and RefreshTokens.

It has been a lot of work and I would like to replace my own code with a Magic.Link implementation to reduce further work going forward.

Is there a guide as how to use Magic.Link in an Angular (latest version) App and also in a netcore Api Web App.


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Hey @redsoxfred

Angular is definitely one of the frameworks we would like to write a guide on.

We are figuring out what would be the best version to write for.

Meanwhile, follow our Web implementation Get Started with JavaScript | Magic and use LoginWithMagicLink from JavaScipt API Reference | Magic to implement in your project.

And stay tuned for the official guide. :v: