Issue: same email generating different wallets / DID

Hello there,

We have integrated Magic successfully in our frontend (Web Client) and backend (Python) to auth with DID tokens.

Howhever, we have encountered a problem: when a user uses logs in via email in and then social auth (google) with the same email, she gets 2 different wallets and identities.

This proves cumbersome for the user and for us to handle.

Could you handle this via SDK so the same identity / wallet is used?



We are facing the exact same problem here. doesn’t consider email as a unique identifier.

Hi @Ramarti, I see that this question has already been answered by @hcote. Will be reiterating his response for others like @carlos to see! :point_down:

“This is to be expected. Users who login through a social login are generated a different private key / account from users who login through magic link. The ability to link those accounts is something we plan on tackling later this year.”

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