Need help! Will pay!

I run a job board and I am trying to add a magic login prompt when users click on a job to have them sign up before they can view any of the job postings.

I need help as soon as possible and will pay someone to help with this integration. Whatever you want (okay not whatever, but I’ll respect your time)!

The job board is built on webflow and I’m looking for magic login integration.

plz halp, thx!

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Hi @jjonthan

Did you try following this guide?

If you run into any trouble related to this guide, please reply here.


Hi Jonathan!

Can you please confirm whether or not you’re sourcing each of the job listings from a Webflow CMS collection?

Hello again Jonathan :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Hope you got the message I sent last night! As promised, here is a possible implementation of your feature request:

  • Demo - feel free to inspect in the Chrome browser for the Head and Footer because I added some custom code in there.
  • Webflow read-only link - You’ll notice that the loader hides everything at first, but I would suggest just deleting it while you look around and then adding it back again once you’re done.

I also recommend reviewing the pop-up modal animation I added to the Home page, and the custom code inside of the Home and Profile page.

Here are the resources that helped me bring this to fruition:

Hope this helps!